Or so we've been told...

This is what happens when idle hands get a hold of the mixer... we can't get a picture cause we keep eating it!!!!

Our foolproof system of trial, error and re-creation has brought about another something fabulous =

our new, old-fashioned classic, Caramel Cake.

Not for the faint of heart, this one has all those little old-timey layers of dense, cream-cheesy, pound-cakeishness,

smothered in love and rich, buttery, caramelly glaze, with the teensiest smackerel of sugary crunch.

Our "quality control panel" of some pretty picky Southerners (and self-proclaimed caramel cake experts)

have given this one their stamp of approval with the ultimate compliment,

"I haven't had one this good since Grandma's."

Translation: We're on the right track.

Caramel Cake is all-natural and contains no preservatives. Refrigeration is best for freshness, but that would mean the cake would actually have to make it to the fridge, and we're not sure a Caramel Cake has ever lasted long enough to get there. Caramel Cake is available in two sizes - 6" standard and in 9" by special order only, and is available in select markets and online.

Better-than-Gramma's Caramel Cake