Q: Is Chocolate Heaven really Gluten-Free?

A: Yes!

Q: What's in it?

A: All natural ingredients you can pronounce (and spell!) - Chocolate, Butter, Sugar and Eggs

Q: Is it made in a Gluten-Free Facility?

A: That's a little tricky...

     Currently, yes, however, Chocolate Heaven is expanding our kitchen in 2017. While it will continue to be made in its own "kitchen," it will share a                    building with some other pretty amazing products. That said, we take every precaution to ensure against cross-contamination.

Q: Do you have Nutrition Information?

A: Until we reach $1,000,000 in sales, we are not required by law to have Nutrition Information labeling. However, while we don't have a specific                        nutritional breakdown, we can reasonably say that a 1/8th slice of a large Chocolate Heaven has a similar nutritional breakdown to, say, a Snickers Bar.

Q: How do I store it?
A : You can keep it on your countertop about a week (68 degrees), you can refrigerate it about 3 weeks or freeze it well-wrapped until the zombie                      apocalypse (or until you just need a serious Chocolate fix!)

Q: How many servings?

A: A large can provide up to 16 servings - cut into 4 quarters, then cut the quarters into 4. A small can yield up to 6, but we affectionately refer to it as a             "single serving" :)

Q: Where can you ship to?

A:  We can ship Chocos almost anywhere. However, for best quality, we prefer to ship to a 2-day zone or arrange for 2-day shipping.

Q: How do I get Chocos to my local retailer?

A: Easy. Tell them you want Chocolate Heaven, tell us who to reach out to! If you give us a store lead that brings Choco in, we will send you a sweet                 "finders fee!"

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