Chocolate Heaven

If Fudge and Brownies had a Baby...

Since 2000, this decadent, chocolatey goodness continues to grow a loyal following of some very um, we'll call them, passionate, chocoholics.

What is Chocolate Heaven? Well, as we like to tell it, if Fudge and Brownies had a sweet little baby, Chocolate Heaven would be it. Imagine a chewy, dense outside wrapping itself around a creamy, smooth center, all of it enveloped in rich, deep, chocolatey deliciousness. But your description may vary :)

Chocolate Heaven is a small-batch product on a big mission - to make the world a sweeter place, one chocolatey bite at a time. What began as a hobby in our kitchen at home, baking for friends and family, has grown into a labor of love - we're still baking for friends and family, just a few more of them. While our kitchen is just a bit bigger, our production is still small-batch, handmade and hand-packed to bring you the freshest, most delicious chocolate experience possible.

Chocolate Heaven is gluten-free (but don't let that fool you, it's amazing!) and a decadent option for gluten-conscious lifestyles. It is all-natural and contains no preservatives. You can pronounce all the ingredients without needing a translator :)

Chocolate Heaven is available in two shareable (or not) sizes, Classic, 9" and Mini, 6". ​Storage suggestions: Chocolate Heaven tastes best when enjoyed within 7 days at room temp. (68-70 degrees F), 2-3 weeks refrigerated and 3+ months frozen when properly sealed.

But trust us, it doesn’t stick around that long.

Chocolate Heaven may be enjoyed simply as it is or try topping with
Fresh Berries, Espresso, Grand Marnier, Bailey’s, Amaretto, Chambord,
or keep it simple a Dusting of Powdered Sugar or fresh Whipped Cream.