Sunday Morning Coffee Cake

Ok... wow... so this is super embarassing...

it appears those pesky photography people ate this sample too... we're going to have a serious talk about this at the next company meeting...

thank you so much for understanding...

Sunday Morning.

The sun's just waking up and so are you - neither of you in a hurry.

A cozy robe and a hot cup of coffee accompany you in the quiet.

Enter stage right, a two-layer, buttery, cinnamon-ey, decadent slab of Coffee Cake.

The "Get-your-own-cause-I-am-SO-NOT-SHARING" kind.

The "Please-God-let-everybody-sleep-a-little-longer" kind.

Maybe this is the reason you and the sun get up so early - so you don't have to share...   We'll never tell.

We think it's that good, too.