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about chocolate heaven


Krysti Henderson


Originally perfected in 2000, Chocolate Heaven has become a signature indulgence with a strong following of loyal chocoholics. The Chocolate Heaven Company was born by the hand of Krysti Henderson, in the small town of Highlands, North Carolina.

Chocolate Heaven is available for retail purchase as well as restaurant and/boutique market sales. One 9-inch dessert provides 8-10 servings.

Chocolate Heaven is also gluten-free, which makes it a very appealing option for the increasing number of gluten-sensitive diets.

Chocolate Heaven shelf life is 5-7 days at room temp., 3-4 weeks refrigerated and 6+ months frozen when properly sealed.

However, it usually doesn’t stick around that long.


Serve plain or try these topping ideas:

Fresh Berries, Espresso, Grand Marnier, Bailey’s, Amaretto.

or try a Dusting of Powdered Sugar or fresh Whipped Cream.

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