chocolate heaven

What is Chocolate Heaven? Well, as we like to tell it, if Fudge and Brownies had a sweet little baby, Chocolate Heaven would be it. Imagine a chewy, dense outside wrapping itself around a creamy, smooth center, all of it enveloped in rich, deep, chocolatey deliciousness. But your description may vary.

Chocolate Heaven is gluten-free (but don’t let that fool you, it’s amazing!) and a decadent option for gluten-conscious lifestyles. It is all-natural and contains no preservatives. You can pronounce all the ingredients without needing
a translator.


banana bread

Banana Bread just like Grandma would have made - or better (or so we’ve been told!) This small-batch, handmade indulgence comes in three varieties:

Our decadently moist Original, loaded with sweet bananas, dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar; Chocolate Chip, studded with creamy bits of chocolate throughout; and Bourbon Walnut, a new Southern tradition with walnut chunks and a brown sugar Bourbon glaze. No matter which you choose, our Banana Bread is delicious toasted with a pat of butter, with a little ice cream and caramel sauce or straight out of the wrapper. 

coffee cake

Saturday breakfast, Sunday brunch or midnight treat. This rich, cinnamoney indulgence takes an old-fashioned, buttery, cream cheese pound cake and marries it with all the streuselly goodness you would expect from this Southern comfort food classic.


caramel cake

Ok, so what happens when you take three of the richest little pound cake layers and slather them up and down with buttery caramel? You end up with a sweet new habit. Don't let those delicate, golden layers fool you, this little baby packs a delicious punch.

specialty cakes

italian cream

red velvet


triple chocolate

carrot spice

classic birthday

(we can't get a photo,

because they keep getting eaten)